The Yoga Retreat experience

A project developed with the support of Legacy International and U.S. Department of State the Association Pinna APDPE in collaboration with Projet ECOMEL. The project aimed to transform the northwestern region of Tabarka into a ecotourism destination by creating a yoga environment focused not only on yoga workshops, but ecotourism activities such as responsible snorkeling, environmental education and the promotion of the local businesses and cultural aspects.

The goal of this project is to enhnance incomes opportunities for the  local communities and to reduce the pressure on the natural habitat and resources in the Tunisian Northwest  by organizing a community based ecotourism experience targeting international yoga practioners.

Yoga weekend Pilots :

The number of participants in this pilot program was 20 including 4 Americans. The project impacted more than 50 individuals and local businesses in the northwest region. Attendees were actively participating in the weekend workshop and gave orientations on: the use of yoga as an attractive product , the random use of outdoors activities. It was An introduction to Dharma Yoga .We practiced yoga, Dharma II series. Dharma II ignites the entire bodily system through practice. A series of deeper balancing, stretching, back bending, twisting and inverted variations are used. The practice concluded with Deep Relaxation, breathing and concentration meditation inducing deep calm and simultaneously invigorating the students.the weekend included 2 yoga classes leaded by our awesome american yoga teacher Jen Divis in three amazing destinations,starting from Tabarka till Feija National Park.