Critical Ecosystems Partenership Funds (CEPF) : 
- may provide funding for the project and conservation action 
Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA), local representation of Coastal Protection and Planning Agency (APAL) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF): - Technical support - Facilitating authorizations 
Environnemental NGOs: 

Association “Les Amis des Oiseaux” (AAO), BirdLife Partner in Tunisia: 
Partnership for the development of coastal eco-tourism activities, especially birdwatching. Réseau Enfants de la Terre (RET) 
- Promoting environmental education and workshops for youths and children. 

Impact of the project on local population and economies Promoting ecotourism activities in coastal areas will create a positive impact on the socio-economic status of the local communities. The members of these communities, may they be skilled or un-skilled workers, small shop keepers or people involved in providing services such as transport, meals, etc., will gain a more regular and higher income. Recognizing that the natural resources are the basis for better income and local socio-economic development, it is expected that the local communities will actively contribute to the conservation and wise management of these resources.